International Debt Collection

C. Samir & Co. LLC provides exceptional services with regards to legal assistance to local and international clients – through its business partners worldwide - whether legal and economic entities or natural persons, in the assertion of financial claims and debt recovery.

Rapid activity is the basis of success. In the recovery of exactable debts time plays a decisive role – the faster we remind the client of the overdue payment, the greater the odds that the amount due is repaid without the need to undertake specialist legal activities.

When a contracting party is behind with payments, the first step taken by the creditor should be an attempt at the amicable settlement of the dispute, allowing avoidance of the need to incur additional costs and undertake judicial activities. However, the usual step-plan is as follows:

• First Step: prevention and monitoring of amounts due
• Second Step: a call for payment
• Third Step: out of court recovery and personal visits if required
• Fourth Step: securing the claims through court proceedings or the conclusion of an agreement

Some of the main areas of experience offered by our firm are:

• Professional handling of accounts by bi-lingual collection professionals with many years of debt recovery experience
• Efficient collection procedure using updated debt recover techniques, such as amicable negotiations, legal centric negotiations, and litigation procedures if required
• Personal visits
• Regular updates allowing our clients to monitor the position of the claims
• Credit reports and related statements
• Legal and professional services offered by C. Samir & Co. LLC or our firm’s network of debt recovery advocates

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