Operating in the legal services industry, we must consistently maintain the highest possible standards of honest and ethical behavior. Therefore, we do our best to adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct and continually communicate and train all of our members of staff in ethics and professional responsibility.

C.Samir & Co. LLC’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics lays down the principles and practices relating to the appropriate and responsible corporate behavior expected from our employees. The principles and standards set out in the Code characterise all our business activities and dealings with our stakeholders, including clients, colleagues, shareholders, regulators and business partners. Every employee contributes to the process of compliance, and we encourage and assist in every possible way the application of this Code as it is our responsibility to ensure that all offices and employees worldwide understand and comply with our Code.

Our clients is the reason for our existence, and they rely on us to help them succeed in their business goals and ambitions. To earn and maintain their trust we are committed to carrying out our business fairly, honestly, and legally wherever we operate around the world. Our Code provides the ethical framework on which we base our decisions, as individuals and as members of our global organization.

C.Samir & Co. LLC is also committed to fair and ethical operations that respect the interests of the society and recognize the importance of our natural environment.

Evolving relationships between developed and developing economies, global institutions, public and private sectors has led to a greater understanding of the significant connection and interdependency between business and society.

Nowadays it is widely accepted that business has to do more than make a profit – it must drive social and environmental change and address social and environmental issues through its operations, products and services.

The greatest impact C.Samir & Co. LLC can have on society is by supporting local and global economic and legal stability and growth, addressing some of the major issues that the world is facing. By offering corporate and legal services, we can influence and enhance better legal practice and make a commitment to resolution of legal issues of whatsoever nature ensuring better justice, dispute resolution, and legal independence by advising our clients and the public to support their successful growth and transparency.

While our paramount purpose is about delivering exceptional service to our clients, we know that if we attract, retain and invest in the best people, we will deliver the best results for our clients. We pride ourselves on having the highest standards and the people who possess the required skills and expertise, and C.Samir & Co. LLC does its best to create an engaging environment where our people can develop and establish their potential. Needless to say, that being one of the fastest growing firms in Cyprus and internationally, C.Samir & Co. LLC creates new workplaces thus contributing to the overall welfare of the society.

Last but not least, the considerable impact we can have is contributing to minimization of the negative effects on environment by supporting our clients and the marketplace on reduction of print. Furthermore, we have a commitment and a responsibility to manage our own operations in a way that reduces our environmental footprint.

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